Talk Real in Lisbon: Voices for the right to the city

Neoliberalism is shaping cities as places for tourism, gentrifying and dismantling the cooperative environment of the neighborhoods. Activists in Lisbon talked to us about the importance of intersectional approaches to the Right to the City, social polarization in Lisbon and transnational strategies and local daily practices of resistance. WITH: Anabela Rodrigues – GTO LX / Theatre of the Oppressed Lisbon Patrícia Santos Pedrosa – Associação Mulheres na Arquitectura / Women in Architecture: António Brito Guterres – DINÂMIA’CET–IUL / Centre for Socioeconomic and Territorial Studies Luís Mendes - Morar em Lisboa: MUSIC: PRODUCED BY: Fundação Friedrich Ebert Portugal IN COOPERATION WITH: European Alternatives This video was produced in the context of the event 'Reclaim Europe: Urban perspectives, transnational strategies: